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The Instantly Recognizable Volkswagen Beetle

If you talk to most anyone, they are likely to know exactly what the Volkswagen Beetle looks like. This vehicle is among the most iconic, with a very long history dating back to World War II. The current Beetle offers a range of trim levels for drivers to choose from and an updated version of its iconic styling. You get the original curved top that is instantly recognizable but with the addition of features like available bi-xenon headlights, the panoramic sunroof, and sporty bumpers. There is even an available rear spoiler.

The interior of the Beetle is nothing short of spacious with enough headroom for the tallest passenger and customization via the interior ambient lighting. Rest your hands on the leather-wrapped steering wheel while you sit on leatherette upholstery. Admire the seamless combination of retro design with modern influences, such as the Kaferfach glovebox and retro-modern gauges.

What’s New for the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle?

Overall, the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle is incredibly similar to the 2016 model year. The 1.8T Beetles now has bumpers that appear more aggressive, looking somewhat similar to those on the 2016 2.0T Beetle R-Line. While the existing VW Beetles remain mostly the same for the 2017 model year, there are some new models. One of these is the #PinkBeetle, which is a limited edition that answers the hopes of those who love the Beetle and the color pink. The exterior is Fresh Fuchsia Metallic with black running boards and black door mirrors that contrast nicely. Inside, this model has Pink club cloth seats in a plaid pattern and pink accents.

In addition to the new 2017 #PinkBeetle trim, VW brought back the Beetle Classic for this year. That is your chance to get a model reminiscent of the historic Beetle. You get many of the features from the previous model year like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but also 17-inch “Circle” wheels made from aluminum alloy, leather on the handbrake lever and shift knob, and a rear spoiler.

You also get a unique choice of colors, including those not found on other Beetle trims. People who loved the Beetle Dune, which was introduced late in the 2016 model year, will be glad to know that it not only continues for 2017 but becomes available as a convertible.

Tracing the Iconic Beetle’s History

The Beetle is arguably among the most iconic vehicles that you can find, with it dating back about 79 years. Even the New Beetle has been around for almost 20 years. The production of the Beetle began right before World War II. However, VW only managed to make 700 units of the 1938 Beetles the year the war started until the factory was damaged. The first models for civilians went on sale in 1947 and they reached America in 1950.

The Super Beetle arrived in 1971 with updated motor components, more power, and an updated front suspension, along with extra storage space. Even with its long history, there was a large gap in the American market with hard-top sales ending in 1976 and convertible sales ending in 1979.

The Volkswagen Beetle made its grand return with the New Beetle in 1998. This model had front-wheel drive and a water-cooled front engine, both being changes from the original model. You may not have noticed, but production of the New Beetle ended in 2010 before a newer New Beetle arrived in 2012. The open-top version arrived in 2013 with the Beetle Dune making its mark in 2015.

Test Drive A Classic with the VW Beetle

Drivers love the classic style of the VW Beetle, and its longevity on the road. Before bringing your new Beetle home, test drive several new and used models at Gorman McCracken Volkswagen in Longview, Texas. Our team of professionals is happy to help you with the different trims and their features. We are also happy to help with competitive financing offered right here at the dealership, and you can visit the garage where our certified mechanics can help care for your VW Beetle. Contact us, or even better, stop in today and we will set you up for a test drive.