Oil & Filter Changes

Professional Tire Maintenance in Longview, TX

Tires are the only connection between your vehicle and the road on which you travel. This makes them a crucial part of driving and remaining safe. Regular tire maintenance and service is important to keep your vehicle healthy and your safety ensured. Be sure to get them rotated and replace them when needed. This will improve your vehicles performance. Let the professionals at Gorman McCracken Volkswagen help you with any tire needs you many have and provide expert advice on what is best for your tires.

Signs that Help You Know When to Change Your Tires

The best way to know when to service any part of your vehicle, including the tires, is to reference the owner’s manual. This has the best suggestion, aside from what you may notice, as to when to service your tires. The other option is to take your vehicle to professional mechanics like the ones at Gorman McCracken Volkswagen and have them look at and address the situation for you. There are certain things you can look for in order to know if they need to be replaced. If you look at the tread and notice that the width of it falls below 1/16 of an inch, then it is time to get your tires changed. This can often be done by taking a penny and sticking it in the tread lines. If it doesn’t cover at least the top of Abraham’s head then it is time to get your tires replaced. Newer cars will have a built-in tread wear indicator bar. These are flat rubber bars that are perpendicular to the tread and will show up when it is time to change them.

Benefit of Having New Tires

Changing your tires when they need to be replaced greatly enhances your vehicle’s performance. You can turn sharper, stop sooner, and get up to speed faster. Tires usually last between 65,000 and 100,000 miles. If you’re in the Gladewater or Marshall, TX area, schedule an appointment online with Gorman McCracken Volkswagen today to get new tires, or contact us with any questions or concerns. Our professionals are always ready to help.