Closeup Of Center Console Buttons in Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Park Assist Makes Parallel Parking a Breeze

Volkswagen Park Assist Parallel Parking Feature

Do you worry about how you’re going to safely parallel park your car when a parking lot gets too full? Have you been known to park a mile away from the restaurant just to avoid having to parallel park? Volkswagen has provided drivers with a solution to the stress of parallel parking – Park Assist. Use this guide to learn all about the Volkswagen Park Assist parallel parking feature.

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How Does Park Assist Work? Graphic of White Volkswagen Golf Parking With Steering Wheel and Hands in Lower Left Corner

As you look for somewhere to park, click the Park Assist button and your Volkswagen will display open parking spots on your vehicle’s display. Once your Volkswagen recognizes an open spot big enough for your vehicle you will be prompted to stop and shift into reverse and you’ll see a pop-up display that lets you know it is safe to remove your hands from the wheel. While your vehicle takes over steering during the parking process you are still responsible for accelerating and braking, so be sure to gently press the accelerator to get your vehicle moving while staying aware of your surroundings.

Once your vehicle has backed in far enough you will hear a beeping noise and will be prompted to shift into drive. When your Volkswagen has finished parking itself you will hear a second sequence of beeping, letting you know your vehicle is ready to be put into park. Not only does Park Assist help you park your vehicle, but it will also help you pull out of a spot. Once you’re ready to leave your spot, just turn on Park Assist again and you’ll be steered out of your spot with similar prompts. Check out this video to see the Volkswagen Park Assist feature in action.

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Do you struggle with parallel parking? Volkswagen has made parking easy with the Park Assist feature found in the Atlas, Golf, Golf Alltrack, and more. See how this technology works with this guide to the Volkswagen Park Assist parallel parking feature. Check out the Park Assist feature for yourself and test drive a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas at Gorman McCracken Volkswagen in Longview, TX. See what other Park Assist vehicles we have by checking out our online inventory today!