Volkswagen infotainment screen with Bluetooth icon

Bluetooth with audio streaming brings your favorite tunes to Volkswagen

How to pair a smartphone or tablet to VW Bluetooth

These days the hype tends to lean toward Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, but what about pairing your phone to Bluetooth? The benefits of Apple CarPlay may be that your infotainment screen takes on an interface that you already find familiar, but it also means keeping your phone plugged in. Plus, there are times when you want to connect a tablet rather than your smartphone, right? If you’re wondering how to pair a device to the Bluetooth in your VW, we have answers for you.

Volkswagen Bluetooth pairing instructions

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Once you’ve paired your phone or device to the Bluetooth system in your Volkswagen, you can easily stream podcasts, music and audiobooks. It also allows you to receive texts and phone calls through your touchscreen. So, how do you get everything setup?

  1. Search for devices on your smartphone.
  2. Select VW BT from the list.
  3. Press connect on the infotainment display.
  4. If the pin that comes up matches on your phone, press Yes on the VW screen and Pair on your phone screen.
  5. On Android phones, watch your screen to confirm access to contacts and call history.

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Now how do you play music through Bluetooth now that you are connected? If the system isn’t working immediately, try the following:

  1. Press the Phone hardkey on the left of the system.
  2. Press setup in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen.
  3. Press Bluetooth beneath “Select telephone” on the touchscreen.
  4. See if Bluetooth audio (A2DP/ACVRCP) is checked. If not, check the box.
  5. Press the Media key and then Source on the touchscreen.
  6. Select your device and press selection to choose specific music.


Do you have any more connection questions? Leave us a comment here at the Gorman McCracken Volkswagen Blog.