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New Texas Resident Checklist

How Do I Get a Texas License After Moving?

Making the decision to move can be a long process and moving to a new state can make that process even longer. Moving states is more than just getting a new home, but includes needing to transfer your vehicle’s registration, get a new license, and often transfer your auto insurance as well. This guide from Gorman McCracken Volkswagen will explain everything you need to know about getting a Texas license after moving and everything else auto-related.

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Transferring an Out-of-State License to Texas Closeup of two vehicle titles

If you currently hold a valid out-of-state license when you move to Texas, you won’t have to retake the written or driving exams in order to be issued a new license. New residents must register for a new license within the 90 days after moving in order to drive legally in the state. During that 90-day period, new residents must go to the Department of Public Safety to complete the application process and surrender the out-of-state license. To apply for a new license, you must present proof of U.S. Citizenship, proof of Texas Residency, proof of identity, provide a Social Security card, and pay the application fees.

Do I Need to Register My Car in Texas?

Any new resident must register their out-of-state vehicle within 30 days of establishing residency. This registration process does include a vehicle inspection, so individuals must account for this when planning on when to register their vehicle. Vehicle registration takes place at your local County Tax Office where you must provide proof of car insurance, proof of passing the inspection, proof of vehicle ownership (out-of-state registration or title), a completed application, and payment for registration fees. 

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Moving to a new state can take a bit of adjusting, but this guide will help teach you everything you need to know about getting your new Texas license and how to register your vehicle. Are you thinking of getting a new vehicle now that you’ve moved? Check out our online inventory to find the perfect Volkswagen Jetta for you at Gorman McCracken Volkswagen in Longview, TX.