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New Texas Resident Checklist

How Do I Get a Texas License After Moving?

Making the decision to move can be a long process and moving to a new state can make that process even longer. Moving states is more than just getting a new home, but includes needing to transfer your vehicle’s registration, get a new license, and often transfer your auto insurance as well. This guide from Gorman McCracken Volkswagen will explain everything you need to know about getting a Texas license after moving and everything else auto-related.

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Closeup of Volkswagen Tiguan Dashboard

Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Light Guide

What Do The Volkswagen Warning Lights Mean?

When a dashboard warning light pops on, the icon’s meaning isn’t always overly obvious. There are some warning lights that flip on from time to time that we have learned the meaning of, like the fuel light, seatbelt light, and airbag light. However, there are some icons that we haven’t come across before. Use this guide from Gorman McCracken Volkswagen to help you learn what the Volkswagen warning lights mean.

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Silver 2018 Volkswagen Passat driving through park with people looking at it

How far can you drive your Volkswagen vehicle when the Low Fuel light comes on? 

Low Fuel Light Range in a Volkswagen model 

When you’re traveling on the daily commute or longer distances, it’s not that hard to get caught up with the hustle and obligations of the drive, sometimes so much so that your gas tank can drain pretty quickly before you know it. If you get the notification on your dash that your fuel levels are low, there’s no need to panic – if you’re wondering, “How far can you drive your Volkswagen vehicle when the Low Fuel light comes on?” we’ll show you today!   Read the rest of this entry >>

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Are certified pre-owned vehicles worth it?

Certified pre-owned vs used Volkswagen

The phrase “certified pre-owned” probably sounds a bit like a marketing gimmick for those who aren’t familiar with the automotive industry. What’s the difference between certified pre-owned vs used? Technically speaking, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a used vehicle, but a used vehicle isn’t a certified one. The key differences are in the inspection, model year/miles requirements and the associated warranty. So is it worth it to pay more for a certified vehicle? Read the rest of this entry >>